LiquorShaker teaches you the fundamentals you need to produce amazing cocktails every time.

Our “Introduction to Cocktails” event lasts for 2 hours and provides a fun and affordable insight into cocktail making. You will learn to master the equipment and techniques required to produce cocktails from each of the six classes of mixed drinks – making two yourselves, a further two made for you by LiquorShaker, whilst the final two are demonstrated to complete the course.

Alternatively, if you have a little more time available and wish to go into greater depth, our “Cocktail Masterclass“ event lasts for 4 hours and offers additional hands-on experience. Incorporating the introduction to equipment and techniques from the shorter course, this option gives you the opportunity to cover the theory of cocktail making in more detail. Helping you to continue making your own cocktails by having a greater understanding of the principles of construction.

Both courses are delivered in a lively, yet instructional way to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves whilst the learning the essentials of cocktail making.

LiquorShaker: Serious Cocktail Fun!