Introducing Gin Cocktail Year

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2018 is Gin Cocktail Year at LiquorShaker.

There’s no getting away from the explosion in popularity of the Juniper spirit. From Bombay to Jodhpur and Edinburgh to Plymouth, there’s a gin to suit everyone’s taste. In 2018, LiquorShaker will be concentrating on making the most of the huge variety now available. With the emphasis on the m0re readily available and affordable offerings, you can be sure we will also experiment with some rarer and more unusual brands. The more we learn, the more we will be able to pass on to you.

Regular Facebook posts.

We have already posted the first gin cocktail recipe of 2018 on Facebook: The French 75. Each week we will add a new recipe on Friday morning: Just in time to grab any ingredients you need before the weekend!

New Gin Cocktail event available soon.

We are currently developing a gin-focused alternative to our popular “Introduction to Cocktails” event. Our aim will be to help you make the most of that half-dozen different bottles of gin which have accumulated in the drinks cupboard: Learn to make the cocktails which are most suited to the styles you have available. The event will follow our ethos of “Serious Cocktail Fun”. Lighthearted instruction including helpful tips and tricks will show you how to make professional quality gin cocktails at home.

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