Cosmopolitan Cocktail made live on BBC Radio Gloucestershire

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I had a great time discussing and making cocktails on Dominic Cotter’s show at BBC Radio Gloucester on 10th February. There was some lively chat about making cocktails for Valentine’s day and I made a Cosmopolitan Cocktail on air. (Listen here 1:53 onward for 28 days from 11/02/17) I chose this drink it for its delightful pink colour, but also because it belongs to the sour group of cocktails which give contrast to the richness typical of a Valentine’s meal.

Certainly one of the most well-known cocktails, made famous by the Sex and the City girls, the Cosmopolitan looks fantastic with its pink blush. It also tastes great – sophisticated without being challenging due to the great balance of citrus and relatively low alcohol content tempered further by the cranberry juice. It’s hard to make it so badly as to not be enjoyable, but just try forgetting the lime juice even though it is just a small wedge worth and see how bad the drink is!

The recipe I gave for the Cosmopolitan is a simple one, which works well:

1 shot Lemon Vodka
1 shot Cointreau
1 shot Cranberry Juice
Juice of 1 wedge of Lime (Lime cut into six)

Concerns about the fire alarm being activated prevented me from flaming the orange zest as I would usually, so I just expressed the oils over the drink which gives a fresher finish.

I mentioned that Dale DeGroff the self-appointed “King of Cocktails” is probably most associated with the Cosmopolitan and his slightly more complicated recipe is as follows:

40ml Lemon Vodka
15ml Cointreau
10ml Fresh Lime Juice
20ml Cranberry Juice

It’s harder to remember and I think the 1,1,1 and 1 formula works well enough. I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments. Have a great Valentines day yourselves and let me know which recipe you like best. I’d also like to know your favourite Valentine’s day cocktail ideas.



Cosmopolitan Cocktail

The Cosmopolitan, a pink cocktail perfect for Valentine’s day

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